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ME/CFS/FM Support Association Queensland Inc..

Tropical North Queensland Support Group
No 11, February 2006.

Welcome to our first Newsletter for 2006!

We pray that you have a happy 2006, and hope that you enjoy better health this year!

  • Thanks again to the The Atherton Neighborhood Centre for ongoing support, and continued use of their meeting room.
  • Thanks again to Rosa Lee Long for generous amounts of photo copying. We could not survive without her support.
  • Thanks to all the organisations that have donated the use of their meeting rooms.
  • Thanks to the media who gave us free publicity for our group and our meetings.

  · Future Innisfail meetings will be at the Brothers Leagues Club, in the upstairs Boardroom. The club is the only Innisfail venue offered to us for free in support of our group, and is air conditioned.

  · The video “Healthy at 100” by Phillip Day, had quite an impact during our December meetings. His books in our library are in heavy demand, and “Food For Thought” is still doing the rounds. The offer of a private viewing still stands, and all we ask is a small contribution for our petrol costs.

  • We have further explored “Take Control of Your Health” by Elaine Hollingsworth. This provocative book exposes inadequacies in the health industry, the dangers of pharmaceuticals versus natural treatment, and explodes many of the myths we have all been fed. It offers hope to those who want to escape the sickness industry.
  • “What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You”, by Ray D. Strand, M.D. This book gives much information about the relationships between health and nutrition. Nutrition should be offered as a health alternative to the pharmaceutical synthetic drugs & chemicals.

The Queensland Association needs our support.

It was very heartening to have quite a few people pay new memberships at the December meetings.

The CFS organisation can only operate successfully if we join with them as financial members.


Our library continues to grow each month.
We are continually gathering interesting health information and articles. Some of these may not be copyright, and can be reproduced. The rest can be borrowed for short periods. Starting in this Newsletter, we will be enclosing “information pages” to assist people with poor health in the areas of ME, CFS, FMS and MCS, WE ATTACH an article about energy management for you information.


As mentioned previously, our ever-growing BOOK library has become too large to carry to every meeting. We propose to have Library lists available at every meeting, and Area Contacts will also have copies. Books are available for lending, but borrowers must pay for postage.


We have developed a number of Power Point presentations suitable for showing at meetings. At times, these will be publicised in advance for your convenience. If there is any particular presentation you would like to see, please phone the presenter, Neil Reynolds, to ensure he brings the Laptop and Projector to the meeting! Subjects available at present:

  • Health and the environment
  • CFS: causes and options
  • CFS and nutrition
  • Stress management


We have difficulty keeing up with all the needs of coordinating this growing support network. We already have lots of Area Contacts, and a Webmaster. But we also need help with the Newsletter, and the mailouts, and collecting and collating new info and books. Any Volunteers please?


If you do not want to receive this Newsletter, or are not interested in our health issues, please mark the Newsletter “return to sender” and send it back to us.

The State Association is no longer able to subsidise our postage. After this first issue in 2006, Newsletters will only be posted to people who have been to meetings or who have had phone contact.

Financial Members of the Queensland Association will continue to receive this Newsletter.

If you would like to stay on our mailing list, but not join the Qld Association, please advise us by sending four stamped addressed envelopes for the next 4 Newsletters. Thank you.


The support group, and the CFS movement, needs your help! Enclosed with this Newsletter, please find CFS Meeting Posters. Can everybody please find a suitable place near where you live, to display them? In most communities there are Notice Boards that can be used. Meeting Calendars are on the site's calendar page or attached to your email.

Please feel free to call local contacts:
Atherton: Neil Reynolds 4091 2970 email
Ravenshoe: Les Buglar 4097 0132
Smithfield: Peter Cummins 4057 5920 email
Lake Eacham: John Cuff 4095 3063 email
Cairns: Neville Pedler 4053 6187 email
Mourilyan: Gwen Hammerton 4063 2334 email
Gordonvale: Irene Murgatroyd 4056 1148
Mossman: Sue Dennis 4098 1637
Helen Steley 4098 8143 email
Cardwell: Joy Dickson 4066 0178 email
Townsville: Mara Hogan 4779 2478 email
Ashley Hinds 4778 3560 email
Mareeba: Chrystel Venturi 4092 3287


People receiving this Newsletter by email: To help transmission, this Newsletter is in "plain text" format, without the logo and original formatting. If you would like the full version, please ask for one at the meetings.

Disclaimer: Please note that any information provided is given in the interests of sufferers. No liability can be accepted, as we do not intend the information to replace professional medical help and treatment.

Copyright: Information provided and distributed by this group has been given for the education and training of the disabled. This material may be subject to copyright, and as such the user is only permitted to retain documents for their own use. Any other use must be approved by the copyright holders.

Chemicals: Many people attending meetings are sensitive to chemicals and scents. For the comfort of others, please refrain from wearing perfume, strong scented soaps, or agricultural chemicals to the meetings. If you need to smoke, please leave the smell at home, and don't bring it with you on your clothes.



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